Kleist without borders

With the work area “Kleist without borders” the Kleist-Museum wants to multiply the access to the literary and cultural heritage of Heinrich von Kleist. For this purpose, the exchange with various actors, associations and institutions of the double city Frankfurt (Oder) – Słubice and the region is sought.

Together we explore new forms and ways of dealing with language and literature in depth. In doing so, we are guided by the cultural and linguistic diversity of the people in our society, whose participation in culture in and outside the museum is to be strengthened.

With the programme "360°– Fonds für Kulturen der neuen Stadtgesellschaft" (360° – Fund for New City Cultures), the Federal Cultural Foundation supports cultural institutions in dealing more intensively with migration and diversity and in creating new access and visibility for groups in society that have not been adequately reached so far. To this end, the model programme, in which 39 cultural institutions nationwide are participating, promotes a variety of approaches aimed at diversity-related openness in the areas of programming, audience and staff.


Dr.  Adrian Robanus (i. V.)
Tel.: +49 335 387 221-23​​​​
E-Mail: robanus@kleist-museum.de


“Rozbity dzban” - “The Broken Jug”

Reading skills are promoted in cultural education work with schoolchildren and daycare centers. In order to support German-Polish reading promotion in the future, the story “Der zerbrochene Krug” (“The Broken Jug”), adapted for children from Kleist’s play, was translated into Polish in cooperation with Kindermann Verlag and produced in a print run of 500 books. The German retelling is by Barbara Kindermann, the illustrations by Willi Glasauer, and Krzysztof Iwanowski translated the text into Polish.

“Rozbity Dzban” is available free of charge to elementary schools, secondary schools and all institutions where Polish is taught. Requests for this are always welcome.

Funded in the program “360° – Fund for Cultures of the New Urban Society” of the German Federal Cultural Foundation.

Promoted in the programme