Support group

The Kleist-Museum cordially invites you to donate or become a member of the Förderkreis Kleist-Museum Frankfurt (Oder) e. V. support group to advance the Kleist-Museum and actively contribute your ideas. With donations, membership fees and projects, the Förderkreis, founded in 2018, supports the Kleist-Museum Foundation in exhibitions, research projects, events, collection activities, educational and public relations work and in cooperation with schools, universities, theatres and other institutions.

The support group can also handle project funding that cannot be carried out by the Foundation itself. Members enjoy free admission to the exhibitions of the Kleist-Museum throughout the year.

Association statutes (in German)
Contribution rules (in German)
Membership declaration (in German) 

13 October 2018 – founded with 17 people
February 2019 – entered in the register of associations at Frankfurt (Oder) Local Court
Currently – over 30 members (as of April 2022)


Kleist-Museum Frankfurt (Oder) e. V.
Dr. Wolfgang de Bruyn (Chairman of the Board), Constanze Rehfeld (Member of the Board), Doreen Stumpe (Treasurer)
Faberstr. 6–7
15230 Frankfurt (Oder)
Tel.: +49 335 387 221-20

Bank details

Förderkreis Kleist-Museum Frankfurt (Oder) e. V.
IBAN: DE74 1705 5050 1101 6898 50
Sparkasse Oder-Spree

You will receive a tax-deductible donation receipt.