How do young people think about Heinrich von Kleist in times of the Ukraine war, the climate crisis and the devastating earthquake in the Turkish-Syrian border region?

21 students of painting at weißensee kunsthochschule berlin have explored Kleist's works under the keyword 'betrayal'. Picking up motifs from his texts associatively, they created works from very different perspectives and in various techniques or media.

The newly created works will be presented for the first time in the Kleist Museum. The seminar was led by Professor Nader Ahriman and the artists Helen Feifel and Julia Herfurth.

All information on the artists and the artworks at

Participating artists

Imad Alfil, Elisa Bosse, Viola Del Monte, Alanna Dongowski, Anna Eigner, Marieke Herbst, Cora Jarchow, Kim Käsermann, Luka Keresman, Jung A Lee, Tara Mianji, Elena Mir Fakhraei, Janine Muckermann, Ioana Pirlea, Manuel Resch, Aliia Sakisheva, Jenna Seedorf, Johannes Seluga, Friederike Toeppe, Allistair Walter, Delphine Wigger

Exhibition organisation

Anna Eigner, Alanna Dongowski, Cora Jarchow, Elena Mir Fakhraei, Elisa Bosse, Friederike Toeppe, Imad Alfil, Ioana Pirlea, Janine Muckermann, Jenna Seedorf, Jung A Lee, Luka Keresman, Kim Käsermann, Tara Mianji

Design publication and poster

Luka Keresman