Campaign motif for the special exhibition "Ulrike von Kleist. original in everything?"

Ulrike von Kleist

Altogether original?

until 21 July 2024

Ulrike von Kleist (1774–1849) has gone down in Heinrich von Kleist's biography as his "favourite sister", confidant and financial backer. She thus appears one-sidedly only from the brother's perspective. In order to change this, an exhibition is dedicated to her for the first time.

The exhibition presents Ulrike von Kleist as a 'whole' person – as a woman who was born 250 years ago and was by no means just the poet's sister, but also a landlady and citizen of the city of Frankfurt an der Oder, head of the contralto in the choral society, traveller, aunt and governess.

The framework of the exhibition is formed by the historical documents that bear witness to Ulrike von Kleist's life, including baptism and death records, entries in family registers, letters to her cousin and the city magistrate. In three chapters, they tell of her childhood, youth and sisterhood, her relationships in her home town and her position as an governess.

Get to know Ulrike von Kleist as a self-determined, enterprising woman beyond the fraternal shadow!


Curation: Barbara Gribnitz

Design: Studio Neue Museen, Halle