The Kleist-Museum has several sections.
At the beginning, visitors see
the permanent exhibition.
It always remains the same.
Visitors can always see the permanent exhibition.

The permanent exhibition is entitled:

Puzzles. Conflicts. Fractures.

There are many texts, objects and pictures.
They tell about the life of Kleist.
And they show his stories and theater plays.

How did Kleist live as a child?

How did he live in Berlin?

Whom did he love?

Where did he travel?

How did he die?

What stories and plays did he write?

Unfortunately, von Kleist did not want to live any longer at the age of 34.
He shot himself and a woman.
A room in the museum tells about his death.
You shouldn’t  go to this room.
If the subject makes you too sad.

We also have 2 rooms for special exhibitions.
The exhibitions there change after some time.
Most of the time it is also about Heinrich von Kleist.